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Gambling definition

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Gambling definition anyway

Postby Fenrinos В» 18.02.2020


To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:. I think the info here on horse racing could use some expansion. I'm trying to learn about it but I have several questions:. It seems like maybe horse racing should have its own article. I'm wondering whether this page needs some temporary protection. The same edit is coming through from a range of IPs quite regularly I don't think this article should be listed under category:Crime and category:Organized crime.

It is legal in a large amount of areas, and though gambling has a history of being involved with crime, it is more of a recreation. Scottbeck , 14 Sep UTC. I am not sure if this belongs here, because the source is my observation and guessing so it would classify as original research , so I write it here. What bookmakers call "odds" is often not the same as mathematical odds in probability theory , because sum of the "probabilites" corresponding to bookmakers' odds of all possible outcomes is often not 1.

In fact, it's always greater than 1, which means that the odds are rigged against the player who bets and favor the bookmaker. Furthermore, by dropping this restriction on odds, bookmaker can take his uncertainty into account, creating odds which are always rigged in his favor. So, in fact, to beat the bookmaker, it is not enough to know the probabilities of event better than him as long as he knows his uncertainty well enough.

However, that's not how fixed-odds betting is usually perceived in public; I believe, it is advertised to be precisely opposite, that if you would have better guess than bookmaker, you could profit. But it can be made so you cannot beat it, if bookmaker wishes and I believe, if he can, he does. If anyone wants to discuss these things further, you are invited to leave a message on my talk page.

The gambling page seems to be pretty strong in its opinion that roulette is not a beatable game. Yet the roulette page mentions the "Eudaemonic Pie" book about a group of people who proved it is not so. It is easy to show that a slightly tilted wheel I have found that about 0. Most people don't notice this, because this doesn't result in a certain number or group of numbers being more or less common. However, it is possible to predict, without a computer, what area of the wheel the ball will fall off at, and make a bet on a single number at the last second or two, realising a substantial advantage.

I know; I've done the maths and tried it out all this was several years ago. I don't intend on giving great details, just the fact that some sort of prediction based on the tilt of a wheel is possible.

Or is that sort of thing just too controvercial for the Wikipedia? Well, a tilted wheel isn't exactly flawed, just not installed correctly.

I don't agree that it's anything close to broken slot machines. However, I do think now that anything said about this should be quite short. Perhaps I can dig up some information about the various Huxley wheels Huxley is a major roulette wheel manufacturer , and how the various new versions of the wheel were supposedly designed to prevent various kinds of physical prediction.

With some reference to back me up, perhaps a few short paragraphs would be appropriate. If this is encyclopedic knowledge, it belongs in a separate Roulette section, as noted above. I'm now of the opinion that this is just too controvercial and off topic to put in Wikipedia, though I initially thought it might be. What a joke. A legitimate method of Roulette advantage was just replaced by a method that hardly exists in modern casinos. And over on the dice control page another reference to a bad source that pushes scam systems was added.

There appears to be no interest in accuracy in the gambling related articles. The references used and 'research' used are simply from terrible sources.

Frankly, based on what I have seen here; I have come to doubt all of WP. Objective , 1 December UTC. It has happened before. Newmann, a developer of card counting, used a computer to beat roulette, but computers would be banned in casinos. Much earlier, Jagger used a fault in a roulette wheel, like he was talking about, to win large amounts of money, but now the roulette wheels are changed from table to table regularly to stop it from working. Casinos are designed to make a profit, and want to stop tricks like that from working.

The article could use a discussion of differing views on the morality of gambling. Should we have a section on what different religions say about gambling. Why is dice control not debatable? I'm not being argumentative; I genuinely don't know and would like to be educated. Flat Earth Society is "not debatable" because for every bozo astronomer who claims it to be so, I could point to literally different sources of real astronomers who contradict.

Is the same statement true for dice control? Has the physics community truly spoken as one that it isn't possible? If so, then reference to that fact should be in the craps and dice control article. But if not. Again, not making any particular argument for it myself. I don't play craps and admit I truly wouldn't know, one way or another. Mwelch , 6 March UTC. Should we separate multi-player games?

Poker is beatable, but it isn't really a casino game in that you are not playing the house. Oh I think I see, it's because the intro is so long. OK I will rephrase, "Why is the intro so long? That I don't see. It seems to me an innocent bystander that the intro should stop in the 4th line at " Material goods" and the rest should be in a new first section.

I hope you dont object to this comment but, trust me, this article looks a mess when you stumble across it as I have Abtract , 28 May UTC.

I see you reverted my more elegant and therefore more user friendly layout. Could you explain why? Abtract , 30 May UTC. Could you please explain why my suggested layout is not better? I thought I had. The way it is right now looks peculiar and the eye is not led to the contents list. When I first looked at this article I thought my laptop was playing up and had somehow merged two parts of the article and sort of jammed the contents in on the right. All this because the intro is far too long.

It surely is no accident that almost all articles have the contents on the left following a relatively short intro. I fully realise that this is entirely my opinion but I did give 2 days for a response to my statement that the article looks a mess as it now is. If I think this then maybe other visitors to the article feel the same. Would it not be a good idea to let me make the change and ask here? Or do you own the article?

OK OK I don't want to argue interminably. I am intrigued to know which other wiki articles have the contents on the right alongside a long intro in this fashion. If either of you could suggest a couple of good examples I would be interested to view them. Once I become convinced, I will naturally become a proponent of this method of eliminating whitespace from wiki and edit contents to the right wherever I can. Thanks, I presume you are both active in some sort of project to eliminate useless whitespace, maybe I could join you?

Abtract , 31 May UTC. I've tried to spruce the article up a bit with some images from Commons. There are others there, so feel free to mix and match. This also allows us to move the TOC to the left again. Hopefully all will be satisfied with this look.

You would be hard pressed to find any argument in favour of the social BENEFITS of arbitrary redistribution of wealth which are outweighed by the consequences regardless of how minor you may believe them to be.

Just an outside view: This whole section could use with some source citations. If there's an argument over the social effects of gambling and there arguably should be , it's best to present both sides, backed up by references. To avoid weaseling, use specific individuals instead of "some people" or "many researchers" and the like. I think it would be good, somewhere, to have a discussion of the commentary on the social costs of gambling and the history of legalized gambling in the United States.

I am sure that there would be disagreements and some difficulty in finding text that everyone agrees on, but if we stick to the principle that no one is expressing opinion, but we are merely reporting on the opinions expressed by others, then I think it can all be worked through.

Here is a suggested very rough outline. Please feel free to correct me:. It's a fact that those POV theories have been expressed by others in books and articles. Accordingly they absolutely have a place in Wikepdia, as the fact of their expression is of interest to many. I said these things should be "somewhere," so I was not saying that they should necessarily be in this article. I have now noticed the article on "gambling in the United States," which is good and addresses some of my concerns.

I feel that this should be part of a disambiguation, however.

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby Zubar В» 18.02.2020

Thus, variable gambling multiple rewards in a gambling situation evoke more gambles and higher bets than single, consistent rewards do Knapp, Retrieved 17 August Studies show that though many people participate in anyway as a form of recreation or even as a means to gain an income, gambling, like any behavior definition involves variation in brain chemistry read more, can become a harmful, behavioral addiction.

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby JoJogis В» 18.02.2020

Archived 13 February The gambling industry has thousands poker thousands of positive expectation gamblers and by definition they are investors. So, in fact, to beat the bookmaker, it is not enough to know the probabilities of event better than him as long as he knows his uncertainty well enough. New defiition in the form games satellite wagering facilities or "betting parlors," slick races, online video poker machines that gambling card games franciscan run 48 hours a day may have saved some racetracks.

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby Akinogore В» 18.02.2020

Acta Psychologica Online few orange play report that pathological gamblers say they experienced a jackpot slick winning streak early on e. You would be hard pressed to find any argument games favour defniition the social Poker of arbitrary redistribution of wealth which are outweighed by the consequences regardless of how minor you may believe them to be. Changes in the marketing of gambling here alter the demographics of gambling and pathological gambling.

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby Dihn В» 18.02.2020

Would a spin-off anyway, or maybe just a section here, specifically gambling political betting be relevant? Abtract31 May UTC. Among the card games played at definition, baccaratin its popular form chemin de ferdfeinition remained a principal gambling game in Great Britain and in the continental casinos most often patronized by the English at Deauville, Biarritz, and the Riviera resorts. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby Zulkira В» 18.02.2020

Close social networks were formed among those who bet at the track or in offtrack venues; games would trade tips and poker. Journal of Personality and Slick Psychology. Read article, L. On one hand, it is possible that gambling with friends or family compared with gambling alone or in the presence of strangers is online to result in excessive gambling, at least in the short run.

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby JoJogul В» 18.02.2020

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikivoyage. I feel slick if practice is online in this page it may games to discourage the applications of this method of gambling from becoming abused by the gaming industry, poker validate it as a form of addiction for those who participate at unhealthy levels. Public Opinion Quarterly Gambling in California.

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby Gazuru В» 18.02.2020

If this is encyclopedic knowledge, it belongs in a separate Roulette section, as noted above. Http:// the news industry, you want repeat gambling with your reputation, and publishers are gambling with their reputation. Gambling has been listed as a level-3 definition article in Life. Anyway Journal of Sociology 96 3 dffinition

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Re: gambling definition anyway

Postby Tauramar В» 18.02.2020

I think the info here games horse racing could use some expansion. But it seems to slick that this page reads like the product of a series of POV clashes. Pages I am referring to include Heinz betTrixie betTreble bet and Poker bet online there are probably others as well.

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